The Napsack in Shortlist

Only the best get covered in The Chosen Few and that would be Kevin Young, the Group Marketing at Snow+Rock, and the genius Napsack!

Sunday Brunch feature the Napsack

The Napsack featured on yesterday’s Sunday Brunch show as part of their festival essentials piece. Tim Lovejoy looked like is was loving every second of it and we must admit that he looks rather fetching in orange.

Nap Sack in FHM

Snow+Rock’s Nap Sack in the July issue of FHM. That guy looks rather snuggly we think!

Time Out

The Nap Sack featuring in this week’s Time Out magazine. Get yours now at Snow+Rock, it’s the perfect accessory for the festival season ahead!

Snow+Rock in Direct Commerce

A Q&A with David Kohn, head of multichannel at Snow+Rock, in Direct Commerce May issue

Marmalade PR to work with Snow+Rock on the Poler launch

We are very happy to announce that we shall be working alongside the Snow+Rock in-house PR team on the launch of the US camping brand Poler. Started in 2011 by Benjii Wagner and Kharma Vella, skate and snow boarders who recognised the demand from fellow skaters, snowboarders and surfers looking for cool, practical outdoor kit to take on road trips. Developing the Poler product they wanted to make stuff for people who have adventures all over the world whilst wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

Marmalade will be concentrating on celebrity product placement as part of the overall launch campaign.


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